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exceptional carpet cleaning

A healthy home starts with your carpets! Did you know that a clean carpet actually improves your indoor air quality because experts say your carpet is the biggest air filter in your home?

Also our powerful truck mount extraction system rids your carpet of dirt, grime, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander and other carpet critters!

You can "rest" assured that for Upholstery cleaning Denver area residents can depend on, we will take the necessary time to do a thorough and careful job.

Carpet Spill

stain removal and protection


We’ll do our best to clean up the unexpected for you--like pet accidents, dirt and oil, and other household mistakes. We have special products to remove and deodorize stained areas on your carpet or upholstery.

Our happy customers respond with something like "Awesome job!" or "It came out!"

We also recommend carpet protectors (like teflon) to help resist stains and increase the resilience in your newly cleaned carpet and upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning

careful upholstery cleaning

Whether it's your special chair or the family room sofa--you'll want to enjoy your time to sit a minute.

We'll help keep you relaxed with the careful and thorough way we clean your upholstery.

We are here to bring Denver upholstery cleaning services the time and attention to detail is the extra care we give your sofas, loveseats, pillows and chairs. And our method of powerful water extraction ensures that your dry time is minimized to only a couple of hours.

We want you relaxing again as soon as possible!

Our work is always 100% guaranteed.

carpet repairs and restretching

carpet repairs and restretching

Do you have ripples or waves in your carpet? With experience in Denver Carpet Restretching . . .
we can help!

Loose carpets wear faster and require more maintenance. Extend the life of your carpet by restretching and save thousands of dollars.

Do you have burns, pet damage, holes or other damage? let us help!

Most carpets can be repaired to look nearly new. Always have your carpet repaired or restretched before having them cleaned.

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careful carpet and upholstery cleaning